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A new great tool is added to the service – WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get!

This tool is a “rich text editor” which gives you the ability to design wiki pages without even using wikitext– all you need is just to click on the relevant icon and that’s it.

Here some of the WYSIWYG features:

  • Easy table creation.
  • Easy link creation, including automated search for internal articles.
  • Easy image insertion, including automated search for uploaded image files.
  • Templates handling: a template icon is displayed in the editor so they can be easily edited or inserted, without impacting in the editing interface.
  • Formulas are rendered inside the editor, making it easy to edit them with a mouse click.

The WYSIWYG editor will produce Wikitext, not HTML. This is an important feature to ensure that the content created using WYSIWYG can also be edited in a simple textarea by those who prefer Wikitext.

For those of you who want to continue using regular wikitext – no problem! A new button was added to your wikipage and you can easily switch between WYSIWYG and wikitext. Alternatively you can disable WYSIWYG in your preferences.

WYSIWYG is available for new created wikis. We invite you to open a new wiki-site and enjoy our new modifications.

Wysiwyg editor screen
Wysiwyg editor screen

You can experience WYSIWYG in our Sandbox
In order to edit you need to register or to use user: demo password: 1234

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