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HRiQLive is a web-based Human Capital Management Solution on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. It assists you in achieving an effective and efficient way in Human Resource Management with end-to-end information tightly integrated. The application comes with easy-to-use functionality and configurable parameters which is an excellent tool for HR Managers to manage their employee's employment progression.

Human Resources Management Software

HRiQ allows you to maintain records of your employees under a multiple company environment thus allowing a separate set of HR records for each company within a single database.

Information in the employee record is organized under a customizable classification or tab. The Human Resource Management system is designed as an Employee-Centric model allowing it to view information across different modules.

HRiQ has a powerful query and alert capabilities to selectively extract HR records and data items of employees for labor reporting, action lists, distribution lists, statistical analysis and HR administration.

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