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The advanced wiki version includes many advantages over free wiki.
In case you need special feature which is not mentioned here, please contact us.


  • Fast secure and reliable servers with Squid cache frontend.
  • The domain name of the wiki site can have a unique name which will appear on the Address bar of the Internet Browser. Instead of it can be or any other URL (The domain has to be registered by the costumer).
  • The wiki can be protected by password, so you can limit the usage for a specific group of users and hide it from the Search Engines.
  • You can put a custom logo in the top-left corner which can be linked to your website.
  • Your wiki's software code is always update to the latest security fix.
  • Daily full off-site backups, availability > 99.9%
  • Support via phone or email.
  • The wiki is ad free.

Payment Plans:

Monthly PaymentAnnual Payment
$9.90/month, one time $19 setup fee.
$119 without the setup fee!

For other payment options like Bitcoin please contact us.

The price includes:

  • 0.5Gb Hd space, enough even for big online photo collections.
  • 200Mb traffic, several hundred thousand hits per month, 5$ for more 200Mb additional transfer

Advanced wiki offers great possibilities of graphic designing (skins) - You can upgrade the default mediawiki skin to something more unique suitable for your style. Graphic design price depends on the complexity, a relevant proposal will be given upon request.

For any questions and information please contact us.

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